First Church Students

Our student ministry strives to connect students and their families to Jesus and each other.

We are super duper excited about summer 2021. Check out what we have going on. There are plenty of opportunities for students.

See below for all the sign-ups.

teen Camp 2021

June 13-18

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Camp is a highlight of every summer. Students in both High School and Middle School are going to enjoy getting away for a week where they will experience and enjoy time with each other and learning more about their personal Creator.

"Camp with our youth group is when we can go somewhere together that can help us grow closer to the Lord and grow closer together. My past years have been filled with laughs down by the lake, tears and great conversations in our group meetings, and tons of amazing worship in chapel. We have switched camps through the years, but it doesn’t matter where we are because we can connect anywhere. I’m so thankful for the closer friendships and the better relationships that have happened because of camp with first church youth group." 
- Makenna

2021 Summer Missions

If you are interested in 2021 Summer missions opportunities, fill out this form.

July 25th-31st.

Lake Days

We are heading to the lake to have some fun. We will be swimming, boating, and tubing. 
Space is limited (8) so we will be having another scheduled lake day on July 23rd. Choose which one of these two dates fits your schedule best. Only sign up for one please.

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Sign up for July 23rd here


August 9th

We went Stand Up Paddleboarding last year when camp got canceled last minute due to COVID. Our students loved it so much that we decided to plan another outing.
Payments will be made to Anchored Soul when we arrive via cash or check.

Sign up for Stand Up Paddleboarding here

Gastonia Honey Hunters Game

The Gastonia Honey Hunters are Gaston county's newest baseball team.
If you are interested in attending, sign up and details like cost and times will be announced later. This form is simply to let us know how many people will be attending so that we can order tickets.

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Middle School Parents Roundtable

Are you the parent of a Middle Schooler and feel like the kid you have now just isn't the same one from 2 months ago? That is normal and typical. Come share in the learning and the discussion as we talk through how to parent through the challenging years of adolescence.

August 8th

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